Senite Health

Community Living Assistant

This program is available to you if you meet certain State eligibility requirements. It’s designed for individuals who do not need the level of care provided in a nursing home. You will receive comprehensive support, and assistance including health and emotional/social support.

Senite Health Caregivers assist with the following

Basic living and social skills:

•  Accessing community resources (e.g., transportation, employment, housing)

•  Help with interpersonal communication

•  Reminders for activities of daily living (ADLs)

•  Support to develop and/or maintain informal support systems.

Household management:

•  Basic assistance with technology to support community living

•  Assist with making lists (e.g., grocery, cleaning)

•  Making appointments and managing a calendar

•  Help applying for and maintaining benefits

•  Reading and responding to mail

•   Help budgeting and managing money

•  Review of the person’s environment and recommending changes to address risk factors (e.g., loose rugs, obstructions, sharp corners)

Health maintenance:

•  Coordination and assistance with medication refills

•  Coordination with case manager concerning health issues as identified in the support plan

•  Well-being monitoring (e.g., check-ins)
For more information and to qualify for Community Living Assistance contact Senite Health at 1.800.207.4009