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Orthopedic Care

Industry Leading Care That Makes A Difference
If you’ve recently broken a bone, had surgery, or experienced an injury that has severely limited your mobility, or your ability to move an area of your body, you should be seeking orthopedic care. Here at Senite Health, we provide the at-home orthopedic care that you need to get your body back on track.
At Senite Health, we’re constantly focused on ensuring that our care providers don’t simply meet expectations of discharge planners, case managers, and individual families – instead, we’re focused on ensuring that they exceed expectations by providing industry leading care that makes a difference.
Have You Recently Undergone A Knee Replacement Or A Hip Replacement?
Receiving the proper orthopedic care is one of the most critical aspects of your recovery after a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery because as we age, our bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles begin to wear down ultimately making the mundane, everyday tasks harder and harder. And if you aren’t prepared to fully recover from this type of bone surgery, you could find yourself a step behind where you once were, instead of a step ahead.
Senite Health is specifically designed to help you get back to where you should be. You’ll work hand-in-hand with our caregivers to increase your strength, flexibility, and mobility, to help your body recover the way it should. We’ll even provide you with pain remedies and care specifically designed to reduce inflammation and to increase blood flow around the surgery area.
Our team of caregivers are always ready to do everything they can to provide orthopedic care that improves the quality of life for our patients.

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